cropped-image-371.jpgWelcome to Brandonia!  I’m Brandon M. Humphreys.  Writer, Musician, Teacher, Wizard.  This is my writing space.  The place where the fancies of my often creepy, mostly realistic, generally ridiculous imagination take flight.  Check out the Fiction page to see my short stories.  The Music page has a link to both my BandCamp and FaceBook music pages.  The Poetry page has… you guessed it… poems, everyone – the laddy reckon’s himself a poet!  And the Non-Fiction page has my versions of stories that really happened.  Anyway, you get the idea.  This is your home for all things Brandon M. Humphreys.  Poke around, but be warned, this place is not safe.


The stories I provide on this site are free for anyone and everyone to read. But that doesn’t mean they’re worthless. If you’d like to help support me in my endeavor to create great fiction and music, please consider donating. Thanks!