Hey there, baby!
I got what you need.
You came into my store –
I got what you need.
You bought a stick of gum –
Do you want a soda with that?

You searched for a pair of shoes –
Don’t you think these shoes are nice?
You liked a post about Darwin –
Darwin books: Half-off!
You listened to the Rolling Stones –
Try some Jeff Beck – I’m a Genius, I should know
you better than yourself.

You thought about murder –
I can sell you seventeen ways to get away with it.
You thought about suicide –
Better buy one last pleasure before you go – you won’t be needing
that money anyway,
Have you made your final arrangements?

You thought about sex –
I know you did
You typed “re”(demption)
Did you mean “Redbox”?
Here are the new releases.
I got what you need.