Where’s my damned story… Again!?!

Sorry. Been a busy July so far. I’ve been working on getting my stuff moved into a new place, looking for a full-time teaching gig, growing the freelance side-hustle, adjusting to living with a family after not doing that for over twenty years, and I also have to redesign this website AGAIN because WordPress baited me into thinking I could do things I couldn’t do with their upgraded service plans, which led me to waste a bunch of money. So I’m switching to SquareSpace so that I can sell merch and do all kinds of other things with Brandonia under a much more reasonable service agreement than what WordPress is offering. More on that in the next couple of days.

The point, dear reader, is that I have a lot of iron plates spinning on stilts above a fire in the kitchen with a bunch of chiefs but no cooks in the air. Sorry… couldn’t help myself there with the cliche soup.

But this afternoon, I’m taking a rest. I’m gonna recharge a bit. Whilst doing so, I’ve decided to do a Twitter feature today under the hashtag #AlliterativeAmericanAccusations. At random intervals throughout the next few hours, I’ll tweet some kind of hopefully humorous observation about an American institution of some kind – be it corporate or government – using my favorite literary crutch – Alliteration.

If you’re following me here but not on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, first of all, shame on you. Second of all, I’m sorry for shaming you. Third of all, please go and like/follow my social media pages! Fourth of all, if you do, you won’t have to wait so long to hear from me, because I’m posting little things (okay mostly dog pics) all the time there.

Alright, so fear not – another Dingo Roy story, in which Benjamin Blair winds up dead, is on it’s way soon (it’s already started, I expect it to be finished in a day or two), and I should have some other goodies coming your way soon as well.