Fearless Friday: Find Adventure This Weekend

Be it known throughout the Realm of Brandonia…

Fridays henceforth shall be for encouraging fearless living for Brandonians everywhere.

“It’s a dangerous business, going out one’s door, Frodo…”

I want Fridays posts here to be relatively short and to encourage you to take the weekend to do something fearless. I’ll offer suggestions, usually, but I encourage you to drop me a line and give me some suggestions, too. The idea is that we’re all going to be building our confidence together by stepping outside of our comfort zones just a bit each weekend.

Things To Try This Weekend:

✯ If you’re not limited by budget, try looking into the following, depending on where you live: Para-sailing, Kayaking, Spring Skiing/Snowboarding, or do something ridiculous like renting a very fast car with no top and driving it all over for a day.

✯ If you’ve got a little to spend, but not much, the following could be fun: Go try a wine & painting class, go play laser tag or paintball, play mini-golf or hit the batting cages. You could go see a movie, I guess, but that’s not as adventurous as getting a few friends together and trying to escape from a puzzle room. Or… especially if you’re in Spokane, go see a band you’ve never seen this weekend.

✯ If you’re flat broke: Grab a buddy and hit a park you’ve never been to with a baseball glove and a ball. Go for a bike ride. Find a local thrift store you’ve never been to and see what you can find for a buck. Take your dog to the park. Find a historical spot in your town and visit it.

Let’s Get Out There This Weekend And Try New Things!

I’ll be honest, I’m not doing anything new this weekend, but I’m still having an adventure because I’ll be playing a show tomorrow night at the Big Dipper. Every show is an adventure, boys and girls. Never forget that. And if you’re in Spokane, come out and see me in Buffalo Jones as we play the Dipper in support of community radio – KYRS. Have a great weekend!

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