Mantra Monday – When You’re in the Depths…

A Bit of Vulnerability to Start…

I’ll be honest, Brandonians, the next couple of weeks are going to be really rough on me for some personal stuff I’d rather not get into publicly. Suffice it to say, I don’t have “transportation” to the gym for a couple of weeks. I pondered over what to write in this post, and whether or not to use this as a topic, because my private matters are my own.

I ultimately decided to go with this topic, though, because I think it sits at the core of discipline, and it also proves that, even though I’ve done some amazing things, I still fall – often – because I’m not disciplined in everything, but I am hoping that by cultivating it in the areas I can, I can use those skills to start cultivating it elsewhere.

If you’re reading this for advice, you need to know that the guy giving the advice screws up. Often. Yet he perseveres. And eventually, he achieves.

So despite not having transportation, I have a few options to get to the gym, and/or workout in other ways this week and next week, and still keep my commitment to myself.

Creative Ways to Keep Your Schedule When Life Happens…

It’s free to exercise outside.
  • Option A: Walk everywhere it’s practical to do so. If you need to go to the corner store, or even the store a few blocks down the road, take a backpack or a duffle bag with you to carry whatever you buy, and walk there and back. It’s April, so the weather is getting warmer and you barely need a jacket some days.
  • Option B: Walk to the gym instead of driving. I’m going to be doing this. Despite the fact that it’s raining and cold out. I’m going to do the “cardio” portion of my workout today by walking the three mile round trip to the gym and back. When I hit the gym, I’ll already be warmed up, I’ll go right over and do the 30 minute express, and then I’ll walk back. It’s a change from the ritual, but it’s a good change.
  • Option C: Work out at home. You don’t need a gym. Find yoga videos or cardio videos for free on YouTube. Clear a spot, and keep up. You can also do bodyweight exercises like pushups, dips, planks, squats, and lunges all without any equipment. And if you’ve got a step or a milk crate, you can do step aerobics.

Lemons: Home-Grown or Life-Delivered, Make Some Lemonade.

Like a Rolling Stone…

So there you have it, Brandonians. If the world is falling apart around you, whether it’s your fault, society’s fault, or whomever you want to blame for the situation, the only thing you can control is how you respond from here.

You can still find was to release some endorphins through exercise and it will help to make you feel better. It won’t solve your problems for you, but it will help take your mind off of whatever’s causing your blood pressure to rise, and it will even help get that blood pressure under control.

Now get out there and get moving!