Tuesday Tune-Up: New Single Out Today!

Let’s start by giving credit…

This song is a Plastic Saints song that was recorded back around 2012 or so. It is one of the songs we had planned to release as a part of our second album (you can find our first album online, too). The album was about 75% completed, and I’d already had this song mastered by the time we lost it all. In the blink of an eye, or, more accurately, the click of a mouse, I accidentally reformatted the external hard-drive that had all of our tracks on it. So I first need to say thanks to Victor Boudreau and Robert Christilaw who played drums and bass respectively on the song, because without their excellent playing it wouldn’t be nearly as good.

Dirty Little Secret

Promotional photo for the Dirty Little Secret single.  It features an old key hanging from a floral-patterned wall.  There is a dark purple hue to the whole picture and and the words Brandon Humphreys New Rock Single Out Today Dirty Little Secret are imposed over the picture of the key in red and blue font colors.
Find Dirty Little Secret anywhere you stream music!

So I thought since the single is dropping on Tuesday, and I devote Tuesdays to music here in Brandonia, I’d write a little bit about how this song came about, and give you plenty of chances to download it and add it to your favorite playlist.

I wrote this song during a period of time in my songwriting career where I was obsessed with straight-ahead rock and roll. I wanted to write songs for that album that were, as I called them, “just dumb rock songs.” I was very heavily influenced at the time by all of the arena rock legends – Specifically, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, and the like were the idols from whom I sought inspiration.

There are a few of those lost Plastic Saints recordings on my Odds and Ends album, the ones that were mixed well enough for me to want to release there, anyway, so if you like Dirty Little Secret, you’ll probably like them, too.

I also wrote this song in a period of time during which I was working as an undercover security guard for a local grocery chain. That job was a whole other story in itself, but I found that by walking around a grocery store pushing a cart for eight hours, my mind tended to come up with a lot of rock guitar riffs. I’d hear it first, then imagine how to play it while I was pushing the cart. I’d keep thinking about it for my whole shift, then play it when I got home and turn it into a song. The riff for Dirty Little Secret was one of those riffs. I thought of a lot of lyrics that way during that time, too.

Speaking of lyrics…

The lyrics to this song are pretty self-explanatory. They were written during a time when I was still hurt and angry over my experience with the Christian church, so they’re basically a pot-shot at the different types of hypocrisy I saw during my years as a Christian. They’re not inspired by or directed at any one person or any one group of people, but rather a conglomeration of hypocrisies that I committed myself and saw in others.

My take on those lyrics now that it’s about ten years later is that they’re about being who you are and not putting on a mask. The last verse sums it up – we all have our dirty little secrets, but they can be dangerous, and it’s best to just be genuine. The other things about the lyrics, is that they’re directed at me just as much as they’re directed at anyone else. I fail at honesty and authenticity all the time, and it almost always ends up biting me in the ass. So I’m working at it, but it’s a long row to hoe.

I also think there’s some sympathy built into the chorus, so I hope the song doesn’t come off as being too judgmental. I guess I’ll let you all make up your own minds about that since the song’s out there for public consumption now.

The Lyrics:

Got your dirty little secret
Kiss and tell, Kiss and tell
Only hope that you can keep it
Hide it well, hide it well
Got all this innuendo
Here and there, here and there
Oh and how you loved the red curls
In her hair, in her hair

You wanted it so bad, just to look like something good
And it’s driving you so mad, like you never thought it would

Got this dirty little secret
It’s just a pill, just a pill
Only hope you can control it
With your will, with your will
Got a bottle in your pocket
A little more, a little more
Oh and if they ever found out
There’s the door, there’s the door

You wanted it so bad, just to look like something good
And it’s driving you so mad, like you never thought it could

It’s your dirty little secret
Dirty little secret
Your dirty little secret

Well you wanted it so bad, just to look like something good
And it’s driving you so mad, like you never thought it could

Got these dirty little secrets
Everyone, everyone
We only need a way to let it out
Just for fun, just for fun
And if everybody’s got one
It’s alright, it’s alright
Unless I decide to tell yours
Well, I might. Think I might.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my music, and for supporting me and this blog. I’ve been so happy at the influx of new readers who have been enjoying these posts. I’m going to try and do another YouTube video for next week, but I make no promises at this point.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Writers’ Wednesday – even if you don’t fancy yourself a writer, you might find a writer somewhere deep inside of you. Last week there was a prompt to write a story about a duel. I’ll post mine here tomorrow, and any others that I were submitted that I think are good.

And if you’re in Spokane…

My next two shows are going to be with Bob Christilaw (mentioned above) and they’re acoustic shows. The first is May 4th at Hopped Up Brewery, and the next is two weeks later, May 18th at Liberty Ciderworks. If you’re curious about other shows, be sure to follow me on all the social medias.