Tuesday Tune-Up: Recording Session Videos.

A Glimpse into the Process

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings I was in the studio with Buffalo Jones recording three demo songs for our upcoming album. Were recording the new album in Athens, GA this summer with David Lowery, of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven fame, at the helm, and Mr. Lowery wants demos. Andy Rumsey, our bass player, has connections at Spokane Falls Community College, so we were invited to use their studio if we let their students engineer and produce the demos for us.

We decided on three “new” songs that we’ve been working on for a few weeks now. Everything went really quickly. It only took us 9 takes total to get all of the instrumentation recorded live for all three songs – with no click track. Then, on Wednesday, I don’t think it took any of us more than two takes to get our vocals done on each song. Finally, we spent Thursday evening mixing one song with the full crew, and each of the students who was engineering will finish up one of the other two songs within two weeks.

I had hoped to take some more video, but honestly everything went so quickly that I only got a little bit. Below are the bits and pieces I do have, though.

The instrument tracking process.
General Tomfoolery.
Josh and I say goodbye to the studio.

The other videos I took were live streams on Facebook. You can see them here:

Day 1. Setting up.
Day 2. Andy’s vocals.
Hurry up and wait…
Day 3. Working on mixing “Intermission”

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