Writers’ Wednesday: Flash Fiction Challenge

Alright all you writers and would-be writers out there, I have a story brewing, and I think y’all could have a lot of fun with the form of this one. That said…

Here’s your prompt:

From Bram Stoker’s Dracula, to the first two parts of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, to Max Brooks’ World War Z, telling a story by way of a “found” collection of journal entries, news clippings, historical documents, and/or correspondence can be the perfect way to build tension, withhold information from the reader, and pull off huge plot twists at the end.

This week the challenge is to do just that. Write a story that is narrated using only fragments of “found documents.” I already have the outline for my story, and I will tell you that it is speculative fiction, and that it is a series of letters between a (guilty?) convict, his lawyer, and the authorities. Yours is up to you.

The Rules:

Write a story between 1000 – 3000 words using only found documents, correspondence, or journal entries as the format through which you narrate your tale. Post it on your writing space and put the link in the comments. Just like last time, I’d like to publish the good ones here, so please gimme the best you’ve got!

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