Fearless Friday… er… Slacker Saturday, I guess.

The End of A Long Week…

It’s Saturday evening, I’ve just finished a three-hour show that culminated a very long week that was filled to the brim with client and other work. I took a last minute sub job yesterday, so I was not able to get the writing done that I wanted to. Honestly, I’m just glad I was able to get the Thoughts for Thursday and my Space Porn articles out yesterday. I literally only have a few hours this evening before I have to get to bed so I can get a bunch of chorin’ done ’round the prop’rty and another couple of client projects done tomorrow. That’s why it’s Slacker Saturday instead of Fearless Friday.

Taking a Moment to Be Thankful

The nice thing is… I have these few hours. I treasure them. I’m thankful for them. I’m thankful for most of the other hours, too. On the whole, I don’t don’t have a job I don’t like at the moment.


Teaching and consulting at NIC this spring has been amazing! While subbing isn’t my favorite thing in the world, I take pride in the fact that I do it with professionalism and diligence that surpasses that of most of my contemporaries. Also, I’m thankful that I’ve been able to be a bit choosy about the sub jobs I take these last couple of months.


I’m thankful for the steady increase in writing work that I have seen over the past few weeks. I get to make ends meet by researching and writing about a diverse range of awesome topics. It’s fantastic! I love the work I get to do for Space Porn, and I’m happy to say I’m going to be doing more of it. I’m also grateful that I’m being inspired with new stories, even though I’m not publishing them all right away.


I’m grateful and excited for all of the awesome things happening on the music front, too. In addition to my own shows, Buffalo Jones is kicking into high gear this summer. We haven’t officially announced all of the details yet, but we’re going to Georgia in August to record an album with David Lowery (Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven). I’m also thankful that I’ve started putting demos together for my own solo album and will be working on that later this year as well.


I’m so happy with the discipline level I’ve cultivated regarding fitness, and I’m thankful for the results I’ve achieved because of it. I’m over the moon about the fact that for the past two weeks straight I’ve run a mile and a half at least three times a week. I’m making gains in lifting, too, and I’m grateful for that.

Gratitude is Important

It’s been a long winter, and we’re coming out of it, kids. I’ve been through the ringer, and – I gotta tell ya – I’m getting really damn sick of going through the ringer. It’s so nice to finally be at a place where I feel gratitude again.

I know that when you’re in the depths, people tell you to focus on what you’re thankful for, but that doesn’t work for me yet. I tend to end up focusing on all of the things I don’t have and the setbacks, and it gets pretty dark pretty quickly.

It’s not that I’m not thankful when I’m down and out, its that usually I’m in survival mode and can’t see past the next few moments, let alone see what I should be thankful for. I gotta work on that.

For now, though, even if things aren’t “there” yet for me, I’m grateful. I am filled to the brim with gratitude for my friends and loved ones, and the amazing life I’ve been able to live so far.

I hope you all have a great Sunday tomorrow. Take some time to experience gratitude for something positive in your life if you haven’t done it in a while – or even if you have. It helps.

I’ll be back on Monday come hell or high otters. Until then, have a great weekend, and do something fearless!