Fearless Friday: Slacker Saturday, Again.

Sorry again for my dereliction of duty regarding the timing of this post.

Yesterday, I made a last-minute decision in the spirit of Fearless Friday. I had just enough time to finish my article for Space.porn before I headed back to Bridgeport, the town I lived in from 2013-2018. I decided to go back to watch the class of 2019 graduate. Bridgeport is about 135 miles from Spokane, my home, and it takes about two and a half hours to get there.

I taught English language arts at Bridgeport High School while I lived there. The class that graduated last night were juniors the last time I saw them. I really miss a lot of those kids, and it was great seeing them, along with all of the other former students that show up at graduations.

I also got to spend some time with some wonderful former co-workers after graduation catching up and having some laughs. By the time I got home, I was exhausted and it was nearly midnight anyway, so I delayed this post until after I got my chorin’ done today.

Fearless Friday Takeaways

It’s good to look back every once in a while.

I took away a few things from going back to Bridgeport for the first time in a year. The first is that it’s always good to reflect. Going back there, I had no idea what I would feel. The year since I’ve been gone has not gone at all like I’d planned, and so I wondered if my trip would be filled with regret – after all, I spent five years in that place.

I didn’t feel any regret. Nothing about Bridgeport felt like “home.” Despite the fact that it was home for five years. It’s not, and never will be “home.”

People are more important than place.

The people are the reason I spent five hours driving yesterday when I should have been writing and going to the gym. In particular, one student, whose had a particularly terrible year, and who holds a special place in my heart. To see him walk across the stage was worth every minute of the drive. Second, my former colleagues. I made a few very good friends while I was in Bridgeport and it was fantastic to see them face to face yesterday.

There’s no place like home.

I’m a wanderer by nature. I like to roam. I want to see what’s over the horizon. I’ve been to a lot of places and I only want to see more and more. However, no matter how many other cities I fall in love with – from Seattle and Portland to San Diego and Las Vegas; from Denver and San Antonio to Memphis and Tampa; from Edmonton and Calgary to Tokyo and Kyoto – Spokane is always home. One of my favorite feelings in the wold is driving into Spokane from the west – where the airport (and coincidentally, Bridgeport) are.

The airport sits atop a high plateau called the West Plains area by locals. To get to Spokane, you have to drive down a long hill called the Sunset Hill. As you do so, you can see the whole city. Downtown lit up at dusk from that highway is one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever seen. Not because it’s aesthetically pleasing – Spokane’s kind of an ugly, gritty city (but we’re getting much better) – but because after a long time away, I know I’m coming back to where I belong.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Really enjoyed seeing you, Brandon. Sorry we didn’t have time to get caught up properly; I’ve put in long hours both yesterday and today, but in a week I can breathe again. Hope to see you this summer!

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