Not Late; Just a Surprise…

No, it’s not Tuesday. It’s almost not even Wednesday anymore, but you can read about my failure to meet my own deadlines in the subsequent post.

It is, however, time to make our big announcement, which is part of the reason I put off posting this until today. I spent most of the afternoon yesterday and a fair bit of today prepping the Indiegogo campaign for the new Buffalo Jones record.

David Lowery is Producing Our Next Record!

So, I’ve posted before about how my band, Buffalo Jones, has opened for bands like Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Giants in the Trees, and Young Dubliners (to drop a few names), but now we have an even bigger opportunity! David Lowery, frontman for Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven, offered to produce our next album for us this summer.

Serious Business

We’re going down to Athens, GA at the end of August to record what I think will be our best album to date (I know; I always say that about the newest one…). Mr. Lowery will be running the show, and we’ve booked a couple of weeks at Chase Park Transduction – a world-renowned recording studio that’s hosted the likes of REM, Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven, Drive-By Truckers, Queens of the Stone Age, and a whole host more (to drop a few more names). To top all of that off, we’ve hired Drew Vandenberg, the guy who engineered my favorite Cracker album – Berkley to Bakersfield – to engineer this one for us.

We Need Support, Please…

We’re going to record this album one way or the other, but it won’t be cheap. We’ve got some cash saved up, but we’re really hoping for support from our fans as well. We launched our Indiegogo campaign tonight, and we’ve got some amazing perks lined up for people who are willing to help us out.

The Perkiest Perks:

You want perk highlights? Well, for starters, all backers will get a one-of-a-kind deluxe digital version of the album with all of the demos we’re recording right now to take down with us. That’s less than a buck a song for pre-ordering the new album, and you get songs nobody else will get.

Other physical merch packages include signed CDs, stickers, posters, and T-shirts.

Then there’s the serious perks: $500 gets you all of the lower perks, PLUS a full Buffalo Jones concert at your house if you’re within a hundred miles of Spokane. Now, you may be thinking, “I don’t have $500…” That’s okay, I don’t either. But if you’ve got the room in your yard, and you can get twenty of your friends to chip in $25, then you’re set!

No Money, No Worries…

If you can’t give financially, please consider sharing the Indiegogo campaign in as many places as you can. If you’re in Spokane, you can also support us by coming to any of the multiple shows we’ve got booked this summer to help pay for this adventure.