Fearless Friday: A Recap

My Friday Went Like This:

I woke up at around 8:00 am and set about my plans for the day, which were to write some stuff for Space.porn, and catch up on other writing projects. At 8:49 I got a text from my stepmom that my dad was back in the hospital.

I believe in privacy and dignity, so I won’t go into all of his medical issues, other than to say that he has chronic respiratory issues and has been living miserably for the past fourteen months.

I will write about some lessons that we can learn from his situation in my Mantra Monday post, but I wanted to talk about the weekend in this post.

PS. I’m writing from the hospital right now.

The Show

After dad was stabilized and had been admitted, I left to go play my show at Forza Coffee Co. I played for a couple of hours. You can see the live stream on Facebook.

I hadn’t played that particular Forza location, so it was good to be in a new venue. It was also good to be all on my own again. Playing with Bob is amazing because I get to stretch my guitar muscles more, but there’s a spontaneity to playing on your own that you can’t really get when there’s more than one person involved. Rehearsal is required, as is coordination.

Some of the highlights for me were playing “That’s How I Got to Memphis,” by Tom T. Hall, “Freedom,” by George Michael, and, of course, the original stuff.

After the Show

In another moment of spontaneity, I called up Andy Rumsey, my good friend and the bass player for Buffalo Jones, and went to his house to help him mix some of the demos for our upcoming album. When I got home, I worked a bit, then I hit the sack, exhausted.

Fearless Weekend

The next morning, of course, started with a trip to the hospital. I stayed for a couple of hours, then I got to my own Fearless Friday activity. I took Floyd, my acoustic guitar, downtown and played on the street for about two hours.

See, this weekend was Hoopfest weekend in Spokane. Hoopfest is the largest outdoor 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world. That means downtown was flooded with people, and I thought, what better opportunity to go have a small adventure and make a few extra dollars.

I sang a lot of songs to a lot of people passing by, and I got a lot of smiles. It was a great time. I’ve done it before, and it really is something fun to do. If you’re a musician, I highly recommend it.

When I was done playing, I went to the gym and made up for not going on Friday – because, discipline.

After two days of hospital visits and everything else, I needed to blow off some steam, so some friends and I went out and sang karaoke until the bar closed down.

I spent most of Sunday in the hospital, then had some time with my friends to chill out.

Takeaways and Transitions

Aside from the hospital visits, the weekend wasn’t bad. It’s hard seeing my dad in the state he’s in. If anything, though, this stint in the hospital has reinforced my own commitment to take care of myself.

I had most of this piece written on Monday, but dad’s still in the hospital and there’s a lot more to the story for the next few posts. Hoping to get all caught up with that today.

Anyway, thanks for your patience, and please, Brandonians, take care of your bodies and your minds. When it comes down to it, they’re the only things you’ve got.