Fearless Friday: On Time

I’m Writing from the Hospital Again…

Dad’s still here. Take care of yourselves, Brandonians. We’re only issued one body and one life, and it’s up to us to make sure it gets us through.

I really don’t want to dwell on this too much, but watching my father wrestle with pulmonary issues after smoking cigarettes and welding for years has really helped me to broaden my perspective the past few months.

I see him and I can’t help but think of the work I’m doing to my own body to avoid ending up this way. I think about it when I run. I’m borrowing his bike for the summer, and I thought about it throughout the entire ten-mile ride I took on Wednesday night. I think about it when I lift weights, and when I decide what to eat.

But I’m not doing any of that stuff for him. I’m doing it for me.

We’re all on this cosmic ride together, but we each face it alone. We are barraged every day by events beyond our control. We can influence some events with our reactions to others, but we’re only able to control our own actions and reactions. That’s it.

We’re also the only ones that have to live with the choices we make during the time we have. Of course, we have no idea how much time we have. Make your choices wisely, boys and girls.