Fearless Friday: Through Slacker Sunday

Still Playing Catch-Up

I have been sick this week. I had a cold during the middle of the week and even so, was able to get three good workouts in this week. I got to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday, and took an 8.4 mile bike ride on Friday. I’m planning on riding later this evening or going to the gym. Probably riding though, that way I can hit the gym hard tomorrow with weights and get back on schedule.

I know I missed Thoughts for Thursday, and I could put it down to laziness, but honestly, I just didn’t have anything to write about. I’m not wrestling with much in the way of philosophical issues, these days, although I have a couple of ideas now, so you can probably count on one this Thursday.

The Body-Mind Connection

As I mentioned in earlier posts, my dad was in the hospital for about ten days and only recently came home earlier this week. I did a lot of extra work for him and my stepmom during that time, and it wore me out both emotionally and physically. That’s why I got sick. I was only getting a few hours of sleep each night during that time, starting a new role with one of my best writing clients, and my stress levels were high.

I was still working out, so that helped with the stress, but the reality is my body tells me when its time to rest by getting a cold. That’s how it works.

I get really tired all of a sudden and then I say “I’ll go take a nap.” Then I wake up in the middle of the night with a sore throat, and I know that it’s on. I’m gonna have to put everything on hold, and take the next two days to rest up. Which is exactly what I did. Unfortunately, those two days happened to be the day before and the day of the launch for our Space.Porn Patreon campaign, for which I had a lot of work to get done.

So I stayed away from family for a while, got my work done, and then started blowing up tanks.

When I went to the gym on Thursday, I thought I was feeling better, but I ended up having a really hard time with the run. I listened to my body and took the rest of the workout easy – only doing a few ab exercises.

Thursday’s post workout report.

Yesterday I went and mowed dad’s lawn for him before going to play a show last night, so I’m feeling better now, but I needed to slow WAY down to get there.

The Show

Last night was an absolute blast. We played the after-party for Crave, a truly top-notch culinary event in Spokane Valley (It helps when your drummer is a chef and culinary instructor). There was food and drink from all over the world prepared by chefs from right here in the good old Inland Northwest.

We set up in a hurry and got into the first of our two sets. We’ve been playing a lot of the new stuff these last few shows, so if you want a preview of what the new album is going to sound like, make sure you come and see us this month before we head down to Georgia to make the thing.

The Point

It’s really tempting to look at all of the days that I’ve missed in posting the last few weeks and say, “Wow, Brandon. You’ve really been slacking,” but the truth is, I’ve been overdoing it and have had to de-prioritize these articles, which — quite honestly — kills me a little. I love doing these posts, and I’m excited to have a fresh start tomorrow with things all calmed down and settled in. Hope you all had a great weekend!