Fearless Friday: A Weekend to Get Caught Up.

The Future of Brandonia

I love this site. I have poured my heart and soul into it for over a year now. I haven’t always made it my top priority — you’ll read more about that on Monday — but I wanted to throw up a quick post today to let you all know that some changes are going to be coming regarding content.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I tend to write very long articles on this site (when you compare them to similar sites). I know this because the pieces I write for Space.porn dwarf these pieces usually. I’m okay with that to a point, because that’s how I like to write. And this is, after all, my writing site.

The short stories I post here are usually pretty polished, meaning they’ve gone through multiple revisions before I publish them. That doesn’t mean there won’t be mistakes in them — after all, I’m my own editor, so that’s fraught with peril to begin with.

With the blog posts, however, I just tend to vomit out onto the screen whatever’s rolling around in my head around a certain topic. I have a Master’s in writing, so I know how to organize and edit while I’m writing, and that’s what ends up happening when I write these posts. I write a draft, edit and revise it while I’m composing it, then give it a quick once over before publishing it.

See? I’m already rambling.

The point I want to make is that keeping up with these daily posts is a priority for me, though I haven’t made it one the last few weeks. The best way I can see to remedy that based on changes that are happening in my life right now, is to write shorter pieces.

Another strategy I’ll be using is batching. I’ve already got three of next week’s posts written. That’s what I’m doing this weekend. Not only catching up, but getting ahead. I’ll go into more depth about priorities on Monday, but for now, just know, Brandonians, that I haven’t abandoned you. I’m still here and still writing every day. It’s just that for the last few weeks most of that writing has been for Space.porn, which by the way, you should totally check out if you want to read my articles about space news and entertainment.

What about Fearless Friday?

I know, none of that crap above had anything to do with the spirit of Fearless Friday. Fearless Fridays here in Brandonia are dedicated to taking advantage of opportunities for adventure.

So here’s a short recap of my adventures last night:

A picture of the beautiful Tropical Haze IPA I had last night.
Tropical Haze

I worked out around 5:00, then got downtown about 7:15 pm. Buffalo Jones were scheduled to go live on the radio at 8:00. I decided to have a beer at Black Label Brewing. It was Tropical Haze, a local citrus IPA — in case you were wondering. After I finished my beer, I met the rest of the band just outside the studio and we went in and did our thing, which you can read about on this week’s Tuesday Tune-Up.

After we finished doing the show, it was around 10:00 and so we decided to go back to Black Label with the guys from the station and hit last call (Breweries close early). When the gracious bartender finally kicked us out, I had a choice ahead of me. I could have gone home. I could have gone to my bass player’s house to hang out for a bit. Or I could walk around and see what kind of trouble I could find downtown on a Friday night. I hope to god you know which one I picked.

I ended up eventually at the Monterrey Cafe, a pizza joint and bar that does Karaoke every weekend and always draws a young and energetic crowd. I love people-watching, and that is one of my favorite spots to do it. I stuck around long enough to sing “Black Dog,” by Led Zeppelin – one of my go to karaoke favorites, then I decided to call it a night.

The rest of the weekend, I’m planning on finishing a few other things I need to do. Apart from that, however, I will probably take Jake out for a hike, and go for a bike ride or two. It’s summertime, boys and girls, and I intend to enjoy it.

One Last Thing:

I finished the latest Dingo Roy story a day or two ago! I’ll be publishing it on Writer’s Wednesday this week, so be sure to check back for that. If you’ve not read the two previous Dingo Roy stories, you can find the first one here, and the second one here.

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