Fearless Friday: I Surrender

Riding the Wave, Not Fighting It.

I’ve hinted at some major changes coming in my life soon, and well, boys and girls, we’re at the event horizon. The tipping point. The edge of the waterfall. Regardless of which metaphor you like, this weekend is the last weekend that things will be as they’ve been for the last year. I’m leavin’ on a jet-plane, and…well, I do know when I’ll be comin’ back, but I don’t know a whole lot else.

I’m going to Georgia this week to record. I’ll still be working my freelance job while I’m down there. Then, when I get back home, I’ll be a teacher again. Not only that, I’ll be a teacher of teachers, and still a freelance writer. I have been running on fumes for an entire year, and now that’s coming to an end. All of the hard work I’ve done will finally be paying off. There’s been a lot of change that’s happened since July, and I’ve had about all I can handle trying to deal with all of it.

However… I’m sliding into home. Sorry, yet another metaphor, but it is appropriate. I’ve been terrible with procrastination, and now I’m racing for the plate, hoping that the catcher misses the tag and that the ump’s not a dick.

When I post next, I’ll be on the other side of the state. After that, I’ll be on the other side of the country. After that, I’ll be on the other side of my life.

It’s so hard to keep my mind on the present when so many changes are apparent, but I did a great job of it last night. Today I had a lot of last-minute things to take care of, so I did them. As I did, I couldn’t help but think of how things may or may not be when I come home. I don’t know what’s coming, but I’m running hard and I’m ready to bowl that catcher over and call the ump a c***s****r to get to home plate and get the W.

So What Went Right Last Night?

Well, first, I kept my commitment to go to the gym. I ran two and a half miles, then worked my chest, back, arms, legs, and abs. Afterward, rather than going home and sulking over the uncertainty that’s coming up, I decided to go out and have some fun about it. I went to a local watering hole called Stormin’ Norman’s Shipfaced Saloon and met a bunch of my friends for karaoke. We had a great night and I kept my mind on the present the entire time.

When I got up this morning, my anxiety was raging, and I had to take a bit to chill out before I got started on my day. I blew up some tanks and listened to Marsfall for a while, then I left to go to my sister’s for the night to watch her dogs while she’s away.

Back to the Water Metaphors

Tomorrow I’m out. Off on a brand new adventure. I’m in a barrel heading toward a corner. There’s rushing water coming up, and I’m pretty sure its just rapids, not falls. Either way, I’m past the point where I can steer much more, so it’s just time to ride it all the way and hope that when I come back on the other side, I’ll be better.

I hope you all are having your own adventures this weekend. No matter what, though, remember… never be daunted. You get one life, and it’s up to you to live it and be the best you that you can be. Here we are, let’s go.

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