Fearless Friday: Same Town, New Night, New Adventures.

Let’s See What Athens is Like on a Friday Night, Shall We?

I warned y’all yesterday that I was going stir crazy sitting here in the studio. That still rings true today. I got up around nine-thirty this morning and sat around the place waiting for everyone else to get started. I got bored and went for a two-mile run. Then I came back here and am still bored. We’re taking a dinner break shortly, and I really hope we stop tonight in time for me to go out and enjoy myself.

Thus far, it seems Athens rolls up the streets by the time we get done for the night. Friday night had better be different. Especially since school has already started. I want to see some crazy shit tonight. I want to feel the pulse and the energy that I’ve heard about this place. So far all I’ve seen is an industrial building and a few restaurants at which we’ve been nearly the only patrons. Must. Have. Adventure.

All work and no play makes me linguistically homicidal. Since it’s only 5 pm in Athens right now, I’ve got a couple of more hours before we get out there, but make no mistake, I’m getting out there tonight.

Stay tuned. I’ll update this post later tonight.

As for yourselves, be good to each other and have yourselves a great evening, too. Remember to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things. It’ll help you grow.

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